“On March 27, 1942 in a blaze of agony and adoring love, Alexandrina cried out to Jesus in the tabernacle of the nearby church, “Oh my Eucharistic Love, I cannot live without you! Oh Jesus, transform me into your Eucharist! Mother, my dearest Mother, I wish to be of Jesus, I wish to be entirely yours!”

And deep within her soul she heard Jesus’ profound reply:

“You will not take food again on earth. Your food will be my Flesh; your blood will be my Divine Blood, your life will be my Life. You receive it from me when I unite my Heart to your heart. Do not fear, my daughter. You will not be crucified any more as in the past …. And now a new trial awaits you, which will be the most painful of all. But in the end, I will carry you to Heaven and the Holy Mother will accompany you.”

From March of 1942 Blessed Alexandrina de Costa began living only on the Eucharist for over 13 years until she died on the 13 October 1955. She received Jesus every day and his Flesh and Blood sufficed for her physical and spiritual nourishment. Her last words were:

“Don’t cry for me, today I’m immensely happy . . . . at last I’m going to heaven.”

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