“I pardon every injury I have ever received”

St Philip Neri had, under his direction, a young man, who could not be persuaded to forgive a wrong that had been done to him. Philip did all he could to convince the young fellow to do so, but the young man remained stubborn.

One day, he took up a crucifix and said to the young man,

“Look at this, and think how much Blood our Lord has shed for for the love of you; and He not only pardoned his enemies, but prayed the Eternal Father to pardon them also. Do you not see, my poor child, that every day when you say the Pater Noster, instead of asking pardon for your sins, you are calling down vengeance upon yourself? ”

Philip then ordered the young man to kneel down, and repeat after him, at the foot of the crucifix he held before him, a prayer in which the Saint magnified the hardness and obstinacy of his heart, and showed him what a grievous sin he was committing. The young man knelt down at the Saint’s bidding and tried to repeat the prayer, but began to tremble all over and could not pronounce a word. He remained a long time in this state, but at last getting up exclaimed,

“ Here I am, Father, ready to obey You ; I pardon every injury I have ever received ; Your Reverence has only to tell me what you desire me to do, and I will comply with ur wish”

and he kept his word.

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