St Alphonsus in his book “Glories of Mary” writes:

Besides the examples already cited of the assistance afforded by Mary to her faithful servants, they are innumerable others to be found in various books. This favour was granted to St. Clare, to St. Felix, a Capuchin, to the blessed Clara of Montefalco, to St. Theresa, and St. Peter of Alcantara. But for our common consolation, I will mention the few following examples.

Father Crasset relates that St. Mary of Oignies saw the Blessed Virgin by the pillow of a devout widow of Villembroe, who was tormented by a burning fever. The most Holy Mary was standing by her side consoling her, and cooling her
with a fan. St. John of God, at death, expected a visit from Mary, to whom he was greatly devoted; but finding she did not come, he was afflicted, and perhaps complained a little. But at length, the Holy Mother appeared to him, and as if reproaching him for his want of confidence, said to him these tender words, which should encourage all the servants of Mary:

“John, it is not in my heart, at this hour, to desert my children.”

As if she had said to him:

My John, of what were you thinking? that I had abandoned you? Do you not know that I can not abandon my devoted children at the hour of death? I did not come before, because it was not yet time; but now I come ready to take you, let us go to paradise.

And soon after the saint expired, and flew to heaven to give thanks eternally to his most loving Queen.


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